Membership FAQ

1) How to become a member?


2) What are benefits to become a member?

Becoming a member of PDL means your content is readily available on major music platforms on domestic and international services. In addition you are entitled to get the rates on par or better than most of the independent labels. In addition you are provided timely and transparent online reports through an online access area for the members.

3) What is the cost of administration of right?

PDL doesn’t operate for profits; it is an organisation setup by the members for the members, as per the current cost approved PDL deducts up to 15% of revenues towards the operating cost.

4) When do I get paid?

The distribution of royalties is based on actual utilisation of works, as per logs provided by the licensee’s. The current distribution cycle follows a quarterly payment with a delay of 6 months. For example: The royalty of usage for the month of April subject to receipt of logs & payment is released in the month of October, and likewise for the subsequent months