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Frequently Asked Questions

About Membership

How can I become a member ?

Please email info@pdlindia.org or talk to the head of our membership team. Kindly fill up the form available from our team and submit the documents as outlined. We will get in touch with you after review of your submission.

Why should I become a PDL member ?

Membership of PDL lets you submit your catalogue that becomes readily available on all major domestic & international music platforms services. In addition, PDL charges the lowest administrative fees and access to timely and transparent online reports through our members’ portal.

What is the cost of administration of right ?

PDL doesn’t operate for profits. It is an organisation setup by the members, for the members. As per the current cost approved PDL deducts only 5% on YouTube revenue and only up to 15% of revenues for the rest, towards operating costs.

When do I get paid?

The distribution of royalties is based on actual utilisation of works, as per logs provided by the licensee’s. The current distribution cycle follows a quarterly payment with a delay of 6 months. For example: The royalty of usage for the month of April subject to receipt of logs & payment is released in the month of October, and likewise for the subsequent months

About PDL License

Do I need a PDL licence?

In case you are a Telecom Operator, a Digital Music Distribution Service provider or in anyway let people download or stream songs where members of PDL hold the rights to the content, you are legally required to have a PDL licence.

How to obtain a PDL Licence?

Please email license@pdlindia.org or talk to our head of the membership team. You can find additional contact information in our Contact Us page.

How much does a PDL licence cost ?

The cost of a licence depends on several factors including the type of usage, territory and model of consumer offering.

What happens to the licence fee ?

All licence fees collected (less PDL running costs) are distributed as payments to PDL members.